Introducing: The Mini Coaching Program

Ta da!

I am always open to new ways to deliver my work.

What I look for is a combination of programs that  allow my clients to receive just what they need from me at the time, at a price that makes it easy for them to get it.

Sometimes, that means staying pretty close to each other. Other times, it could mean having me on the side line, at hand.

In that sense, my Keep It Up! Program works really well. It allows clients who have already worked with me closely to stay on track, to receive the support, to run things by me as they need. We share one call a month and as many emails as they’d like.

I wanted to find an equivalent for everyone else. People who would like some ongoing presence and support … but not as much as full on coaching would give them.

Introducing The Mini Coaching Program.

How does it work?

We get together for an hour, one time. On the phone or in person.
You tell me what’s going on, we figure out our plan.

Then, we talk once a month, for 30 minutes, checking in, fine tuning.

In between calls, you have me as much as you want, by email. This means that can run stuff by me, clean something up, explore an idea … vent. Whatever you need.

I am pretty happy about this and I think that it’s going to work really well.

The cost?

$150 for the 1st month
$90 for the following months
No contract
You can sign up here and we’ll get started.
Easy huh?

I wish you all a super duper weekend – I am off to the Lighten Up! Weekend and hope you are all well and happy!

PS: and … If The Mini Coaching Program sounds like something that would be good in your life right now, sign up by Nov 1st and start your first month directly at $90!


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