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I love busting myths. Especially myths that try to tell us that things are really hard. That they are really expensive, too. Things like creating or running a business – or part of one – online, reaching out to people all over the world and sharing our gifts with them.

It is not hard. It is not expensive. And even better: it is loads of fun.

As I go about my work day, I am often aware of how grateful  I am for the resources I have gathered, after almost a decade of doing this work.

I am not talking about the emotional, spiritual or skill resources, I am talking about this little pool of companies which I have hand picked, hand tested and which I use over and over again, in creating and sharing my work.

They amaze me regularly. They amaze me by what they do, by how they do it and also by how silly affordable they all are (several being free), especially when I consider how much they offer. They consistently save me time by making my life easier, by freeing me to do what I want to do – while they take care of the rest.

Together, they form my web, my safety net, my work community. They support me, they educate me and so importantly, they bigger me.

Put simply, they work.

I share them everyday with my coaching clients and I feel rich for having gathered this small and powerful stable of resources, over many years.

Today, I am making this precious compilation available to you. As my gift.

  • if you have – or would like to have – any kind of online presence (website, newsletter … anything)
  • if you are not “techno savvy”
  • if you like to get big results without huge efforts

… you are going to really, really like this.

Here is how it works:

You sign up for my Myth Busting eCourse.

Over the next eight weeks, I will share with you my very own resources, the ones I use every day. I will send you one per week so that you have time to digest it.

Some you will want to use right away, some you may file away for later, some you may never need – but you may be able to share with someone who will.
All of them are really, really good. And silly inexpensive.

I will share with you the name (and direct email addresses) of the folks who have “hosted” my website for years and years – and who return my questions in the middle of the night if I am in a panic. I believe that over the years, I HAVE ACTUALLY NOT SPENT ANY MONEY on their over-the-top service. None. And what they do for me, on a daily basis, is unmatched.

I will share with you the tricks and resource I use to create awesome newsletters, FREE. I will tell you about who I used for years, why they are great – and why I recently switched.

I will tell you about a way to design your website PAINLESSLY – and with impressive results. At NO COST.

I will tell you about a super EASY, highly effective – and FREE – way to communicate with your contact list and get them engaged in what you do. While you sleep.

I will show you how to get a whole bunch of people on the line at the same time so that you may share your information with them – and record it, too. FREE again.

I will share with you a Myth Busting company who will allow you to write, print and publish your book – at a really low cost. This means that you could have your book out before the holidays. Any book. How cool is that?

And more.

I will share all this with you because I love that it all exists and because since I have spent all this time sifting through the maddening wealth of available resources, you might as well use my research, save the time and go play. You dont have to wait, you dont have to be scared. It is all much easier than you think, much cheaper and much more fun, too.

Whatever your business is, this Myth Busting eCourse is going to give you some  fantastic tools and free you up to go DO what you have been wanting to do – but did not know how.

So here you go. All you need to do is sign up.

How much is it? … it’s free.

See? It’s already easy and fun. Told ya.


Did you like this?

I would be happy to share more of my writing with you, when the inspiration strikes.


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  1. July 28, 2011 at 9:34 am

    it is uncanny how you provide what i’m looking for

  2. July 28, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Lucky both of us!

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