Telephone Picnic

For the past few months, a group of us have been getting together locally and having “Conversations.” Usually, we pick a topic and more than usually we give ourselves plenty of room to navigate as close or far away from it as feels good.

These “Conversations” have been amazing as I have watched people gain so much from each other’s stories. Some days, someone will just sit quietly and absorb whatever is being shared as it magically pertains to them – and some days, it will be their turn to ask directly for some attention.  Week by week, I also see connections being made.

I love the format and I had been wondering how to expand it beyond the shores of our little island.

I have figured it out…

“Summer Telephone Coaching Picnic Series.”

This is how it works:

We get together on the phone and talk.

You bring whatever you want to clarify, explore, clean up – or even just want to hear yourself say out loud for the first time. Optionally, you simply bring your curiosity. You also bring a kind ear as well as your willingness to share some of your you-ness with others.

I bring … me – along with my questions, intuition and ideas.

Just as with the “Conversations,” whether you choose to listen to others being coached or engage directly yourself, together we will create a fun, safe, inspiring and energizing experience.

If this lights a spark in you, please register by this weekend- and let’s do it!
It will be good.

6 to 7 pm  Pacific

Wednesday, July 13
Wednesday, July 27
Thursday, August 11
Wednesday, August 24

$35 for the series. If you miss one, ask me and I will send you the recording.

Register now 

(Oh, and I’ll bring the cookies.)

Talk with you very soon!

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